New issue of FT.

Latest issue of Fortean Times pictured above. Photo taken in the IHGR library. April of 2021.

Today the IHGR library recieved the latest issue of Fortean Times. Read up on the case of the Battersea Poltergeist, a case spanning an incredible 12 years, in this issue. Or, if you like podcasts, listen to Radio BBC´s podcast about the Battersea Poltergeist.

Contributions to the Mascot contest.

Hi! Pictured below are the contributions I have recieved for the mascot contest. Now we will put together a jury and select a winning contribution. More info in a few weeks!

Some of the contributions. The two papers on the right were handed in anonymous. Photo taken by me. april of 2021.
I like the clever idea of putting national flags in the feathers of the peacock. Note the suggestion for a new school crest (on the left of the bear with the scarf).
And a few more nice contributions.

EE help – Source criticism, resources and digital resources.

Antique doll outside store. Photo taken by me in the Haga district of Gothenburg. August of 2020.

Hi! This blogpost is aimed at the IHGR students that currently are working on their EE. Below there are links and information to and about resources that might be useful for you. If you have any additional questions you can PIM or E-mail me.

Sources. Peer-reviewed information and articles from databases is good when you´re writing. Read more here about the databases you have access to through Hjärntorget. Also, if you get a library card for the University library you can access all the resources there. Lots of books, magazines and databases are available. You can for example visit Humanistiska biblioteket and get a card. Bring photo-ID if you go. In the IHGR library you have access to books, text books and magazines. The IHGR library might also be able to help you to do distance interlibrary loans. Come and ask if there´s something you need.

Citation. When you are writing you have to keep citing and sourcing in mind. Read up on that in this older blogpost.

Search engines. When you are conducting Online-research, it´s good to use more than one search engine. The biggest search engine/s give us a lot, but they are not perfect. Your current search results are in part influenced by your former searches and the search engine presents you with results accordingly. So, make use of several search engines.  Examples of different search engines are;,,, and

YouTube. On YouTube most museums, universities and the like have their own channels. These channels are a real goldmine of information and entertainment, to help you in your studies and to provide some relaxation too. One of my favourites is the channel belonging to The British Museum.

Source criticism. The issue of source criticism grows ever more important. Have a look at the video below for some pointers on source criticism.

And, lastly, for entertainment and possibly for benefit, an golden oldie about study technique.

Online quiz for IHGR students.

Hello dear students! It´s time for another online quiz and it starts now, in the beginning of week 13. E-mail or PIM me your answers. It´s a mixed bunch of questions but, maybe, a certain focus on historical questions this time. The first person to send me a complete set of answers will win. There will be a first prize and honorable mentions handed out (books, IHGR merchandise and candy). The winners will be announced on this blog and via E-mail/PIM. Have a look here to see what prizes will be given out. Good luck!

  1. Have a look at the photo below. It depicts a statue outside the Gothenburg City Library. The person depicted was a famous Swedish author. Who was she?
Statue outside the Gothenburg City Library. Photo taken by me. March of 2021.

2. Which library is the oldest still operational one in the world?

3. In Sweden today we have the currency Crowns (kronor). What was the name of the currency before that?

4. What famous, and living, person said; I should like to be a horse.?

5. Old country. What republic is the oldest and still in existence? Hint, it´s in Europe.

6. The Vikings/Norse reached places like Iceland and then Greenland. After that they actually managed to reach North America as well. What did they call these places? Give me two names (half a point for one name, a full point for two). Local trivia, a tram stop in Gothenburg is named after one of these places.

7. At times the country of Sweden has been much bigger than it is now. At points in history countries/areas like Finland, Estonia, Pomerania, and others, have been part of the Swedish realm. But Sweden has had only one, a small, possession in the Caribbean (between 1784 and 1878). What possession was that?

Bonus question. You get one extra point if you can identify the Swedish comic book character pictured below.

A classic, more or less, Swedish comic book character. He made his first appearance in 1979. The comic in which he appears deals with existentialism, modernity and alienation.

The correct answers for the staff quiz.

Bust of Gustaf III with royal monogram below. Photo taken by me at Näckrosdammen, Gothenburg. March of 2021.

Here are the correct answers for the March 2021 staff quiz.

1.King Gustaf III. 2. It started out as a poorhouse. 3. Monaco is the world´s second smallest country when it comes to size. Nauru is the world´s second smallest country when it comes to population. 4. Johannes Bureus. 5. Queen Elizabeth I. 6. Rolf Allan Mjunstedt is a tram driver. 7. The first football match between two Swedish teams. 8. The Scots and the Dutch. Bonus question. The name of the character is Kapten Stofil. The character´s anglophile creator Joakim Lindengren has, if memory serves me correct, called him Captain Geezer at some point. So, I´m guessing that Captain Geezer is a good English translation.

Mr. Murgatroyd, Ms. Winterbottom and myself congratulate the quiz winner Mr. T. B.! Honorable mentions goes to J.B. and S. A.! Your prizes will be delivered shortly.