Book club meeting on Friday!

Hi book club members!

It´s hard to find a time that suits all. But this is my suggestion! Let´s meet in the IHGR library at 15.00 on Friday the 22nd. Then we can talk about the book and have some “fika”. Please let me know if you will attend so I can get enough “fika” The meeting will end no later then 16.00. Hope to see you.

Our new promo videos!

Hi. Today we got access to our new promo videos. They are in the form of a Q & A. We will re-do one of the clips later this month and upload that clip as soon as it´s ready. Have a look down below and see how our talented staff and students perform!

Books by this year´s Nobel prize laureate have been ordered. More info when they are available in the IHGR library.

Old magazines

Old magazines to given away.

Hi. The IHGR library is giving away some old magazines. Titles include The New Yorker, Time and The Economist. You will find the magazines in the free books-box.

The student book club reads Circe

Courtyard in Vasastan, Gothenburg. Photo taken by me. September of 2021.


The book/s for the Student book club autumn 2021 are ready for pick-up in the IHGR library. We will be reading Circe by Madeline Miller this term. The plan for the book club is as follows. Come pick up your copy, read up to page 89 (chapter IX) until Monday the 18th of October. Then we will meet that week for the first time to discuss the book and what we have read. More info later on exact time and venue for our meeting. In order to prepare for our first meeting, keep the following in mind when you read.

  1. What was your initial reaction to the book?
  2. Do you have a favourite passage or quote in the book?
  3. Any particular themes you could pick out in the book?
  4. Did the characters change throughout the story?
  5. Was there a character in the book that you could relate too?
  6. Did the story change your views or opinions of anything?

E-mal or PIM me if you have any questions, comments etc. Please take a few minutes and watch this short interview with Circe´s author Madeline Miller.

IHGR Library Newsletter. October 2021.

Still life by Paul Gauguin. Photo taken by me at the Gothenburg Art Museum.

Hi. Here´s the virtual newsletter for the IHGR library, the October of 2021 edition. The bits that are aimed at staff have been omitted in this version.

Banned books week. This year Banned books week takes place between September 26th and October 2nd.  Read more here.

University library visit. It´s still not possible to do class visits/workshops at the University library. But they are happy to set up an Online session for us. This could be a chance to do database searches etc. Please let your teacher, and me, know if you think that it might be helpful in your studies.

Student book club. This term the book club is reading Circe by Madeline Miller. The book club has a lot of participants this time, but it´s still possible for students to join. Let me know if you or someone else is interested.

Digital access. The IHGR library subscribes to a number of magazines. I will contact the company that manages our subscriptions and see if we can access more material Online. More information on this soon.

Stadsbiblioteket. The IHGR library now has an account at Stadsbiblioteket (the City library/libraries) in Gothenburg. This means that I can help students by borrowing the occasional book from there. But we will not be able to borrow class sets of books from Stadsbiblioteket. Also, remember that a lot of classics are available for free download Online. Read more about E-books here.

Banned Books Week 2021

Between September 26th and October 2nd 2021, it´s the annual Banned Books Week. This is an event that aims at raising awareness about censorship and other limitations imposed on you, the reader, by others. You have the right to read books even if they present unpopular or unorthodox ideas. Banned Books Week is promoted by The American Library Association and Amnesty International.

Throughout history, and today, books have been censored or outright banned by regimes, religious institutions, political parties and other groups. A current example of this is the Taliban. After their rise to power in Afghanistan most books, music and other forms of culture have been banned in the country.

Below are some examples of books that are, or have been, banned, Animal Farm by George Orwell, An area of Darkness by V. S. Naipaul, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the Bible, American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis and The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie. Read more about these authors by using the database Alex. IHGR students can access Alex using their Hjärntorget account. Read more here on how to do that. Some on the above-mentioned books can be downloaded for free at and some are available in the IHGR library. Come in and have a look!

You can help out in the fight against censorship by reading and sharing a banned book! Lastly, below you can watch a somewhat entertaining video about banned books.