Book clubs Autumn 2022.

Photo taken by me at Drottningskärs kastell on Aspö, Karlskrona archipelago. Summer of 2022.

Hello. It´s soon time to start the book clubs again. I hope that you have had a good summer and that you are eager to start reading again. Below you will find some information about this terms book clubs.

Student book club. For the fiction book club we will read a thriller this term (we held a vote about this last term). Please have a look at the titles below and contact me if you want to be part of the book club. Also, tell me which one of the titles below you would like to read! More info soon on exact title and start date.

Choose/vote among the following. 1. Comfort me with apples by Catherynne M. Valente. 2. Verity by Colleen Hoover. 3. The overnight guest by Heather Gudenkauf. 4. Dead lions by Mick Herron. 5. The tenth girl by Sara Faring. 6. The Boatman´s daughter by Andy Davidson.

History book club. Last term we had a non-fiction book club and we read A Writer at War by Vasily Grossman. I think it´s a good idea to start a non-fiction book club this term as well. Is this something you would like to be part of? Please let me know if it is.

Staff book club. Time to start the staff book club again? If you´re interested, come in to the IHGR library and have a look at the Book club shelf and see if there´s anything you like. If not, tell me and I will buy a book club set of that title.  If you would like to start your own book club you can find a few pointers in this older blog post.

A nice find!

Postcard with picture of king Gustav V. Photo taken by me in the IHGR library. July of 2022.

Hello. I hope that you all are having a nice summer. The other day I found this nice postcard in a small town just outside of Stockholm. Depicted we see king Gustav V of Sweden. It was him that came to the grand opening of the school building, in 1906, that now houses IHGR. Then he was the heir apparent, he became king the year after when Oscar II passed. An nice piece of history. See you all in August!

Glimpses from graduation.

Below you will find a video with a few glimpses from the IHGR graduation of 2022. It took place in Stenhammarsalen in central Gothenburg. The IHGR library wishes all graduating students the best of luck!

Library newsletter. June 2022.

Hello. Here´s the last newsletter for this term.

Summer book club. There will be an Online book club for students, and staff, during the summer.

Read more by following the link below

Book clubs in August/September. The book clubs for students, both fact and fiction, will be back in August/September. If teachers would like to see a book club for staff during the coming term, let me know!

Keep fiction over the summer. If a staff member or student (not graduating students, of course) wants to keep fiction over the summer let me know. If I know that you are planning to keep the book/s, it´s fine.

The Itch. The latest issue of the school paper the Itch is now available in the IHGR library and from the paper’s editors.

Reference. I have put the reference copies of old textbooks in storage. Please tell me if there´s a book you want to have a look at.

Quiz. The correct answers for, and the winners in, the last staff quiz for the term can be found on the link below.

Summer is coming!

Ha en bra sommar/Have a nice summer. Photo taken by me at Chapmans tirg, Gothenburg. May of 2022.

Hello. I just wanted to share a few things, since the summer break is soon here. Please check with your mentor what date and time you should return your text books (if you have not already done so!). Also keep in mind that you can borrow and keep fiction over the summer, unless you´re a graduating student. I also want to give you a friendly reminder about the low-key Summer book club, more info below.

Our shambolic library mascot Mister Murgatroyd is eager to get the book club started!

Join in the low-key Summer book club! You can pick a book in the library, download E-books or read something you have at home. The idea is that we read what we want when we can, during the summer. And then we share quotes, thoughts, photos or favorite passages on the library blog. Please PIM me your thoughts and comments or E-mail me at

I will be reading, for the Summer book club, The Wind in the Willows. So, pick up a copy of that book in the IHGR library if you want to read it along with me and discuss it during the summer.

And it´s off course allowed to borrow fiction books during the summer without taking part in the Summer book club.

See you all in August!

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The new issue of the Itch is here!

The new issue of the Itch. Photo taken by me in June of 2022.

Hello. Now the new issue of the Itch is just in from the printers. Come by the IHGR library to get a copy or talk to the editors and get your copy from them.